Nathan Lutz is an Architecture student at Carnegie Mellon University, a French Hornist and a composer of music. The work displayed in this gallery seeks to represent the curiosity and rigor which characterize his design process.


Sectional model from Spring Semester 2015

Evening Photograph at the Scuderia Praha auto dealership by the Ambassador Hotel in Prague.


Interior rendering of a courtyard scheme house developed with the Urban Design Build Studio at Carnegie Mellon University. Click the image to see more or follow the Architecture tab for further projects.

As a musician, I have a strong connection with performance spaces of every kind, from the concert hall to the amphitheater. While not exactly a performance space in the same sense, a movie theater nevertheless can address the relationship, and potential connection, between performer and audience. The program provided for this project called for the inclusion of education, presentation, and gallery spaces; this solution creates a form and a circulation system emphasizing the interplay between production and audience.

Munich International Airport, looking back toward the main lobby from beyond the security area. Mechanical blinds across the glass canopy above regulate and diffuse the bright sunlight as it enters the large space.

The dome at the Salzburg Cathedral, an almost luminescent space resulting from its immense size, large windows, and largely white interior detailing.

Watercolor of the small throne room at Karlstein Castle in the Czech Republic. The pencil underlay was created on-site, as photography was not permitted inside the castle.

Slovak Radio Hall, seen from a hilltop in Bratislava. The building's iconic lower half conceals the stepped elements positioned on the top half. Attached buildings encircling the base of the inverted pyramid enclose a ring-shaped courtyard.