Bath House Project I

Spring Semester 2014

Studio Coordinator Jeremy Ficca
Studio Professor Mick McNutt

with Kayla Quinn

Nature evokes a connection between elements. Our bathhouse design uses nature as inspiration for the relationships of its elements, immersing its users to experience the beauty of the Appalachian Trail throughout all seasons. The bathhouse forms a procession between its three pools, each aligned with specific visual landmarks in the surrounding Crawford Notch State Park. The Caldarium uses the outer wall to guide a view of Mount Willard while engaging with the ground. The Tepidarium projects views across the lake towards the elephant head rock. The Frigidarium presents a view skyward toward Mount Jackson. Throughout this process there persists the continuity of monolithic stone walls, composed as pairs of planes separated by gaps which insulate the building. Between them, the walls and roof bound spaces are built upon each other to unify their procession and their relations to the environment beyond.

This project was selected to win the two-week second-year design studio competition it was created as part of.

Main plan, showing the entry and circulation. Gaps between walls at non-orthagonal angles permit block placement to remain simple, and permit light to travel between different spaces.

Site plan showing the various landmarks framed as views from each bath.

Section trhoguh the three bath spaces, showing the knife-edge roof details and structure.

Rendered view from across the lake.

photograph of the main project model, with the roof elements removed.