Bath House Project II

Spring Semester 2014

Studio Coordinator Jeremy Ficca
Studio Professor Mick McNutt

with Sophie Riedel

The second, and longer iteration of this project allowed for both a more practiced understanding from the onset, as well as a new approach and a deeper exploration. Taking inspiration from the progression of changes in the character of light as one approaches the edge of the forest, this design utilizes a rhythm of concrete walls, offset from one another to acheive a variety of lighting experiences which vary according to the location within the program. Circluation passes at times through darkened areas, where the light well is thin and the gaps between the walls are small, and at times through more open areas, where the light well broadens enough to contain a stair down to the lower level. Throughout this circulation, the structural supports for the roof over the central, tepidarium pool appear partiallyvisible beginning in the light well encircling the space.

This project was awarded second place in the two-week second-year design studio competition it was created as part of.

Section showing approach procession, communal and sleeping areas, and the central Tepidarium Pool.

Upper and lower floor plans, overlaid with shadows. Light diffuses between the spaced wall sections to vary lighting conditions throughout the circulation of the building; entering from the main path above, entry into the structure quickly dims light, but the brightly illuminated stair to the bath level is visible.

Watercolor over a plotted perspective of elements of the sleeping planes area. The modular system of plywood components with metal connectors stemmed from a reinterpretation of the vertical planes used for the rest of the project.

Model and waffle grid context map. The site contours were designed with the use of Grasshopper for Rhinoceros 5 and produced by lasercutter.

Model, with roof components removed to show structure and interior spaces, including the parametrically laid out furniture components.