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Saco Lake Bath House I

The winning entry in the first of two design competitions in this studio, this project explores the materiality and form of concrete block. By separating segments of wall, the plan creates a series of spaces which form a procession from bath to bath in which each chamber frames a view of a different landmark.

with Kayla Quinn

Saco Lake Bath House II

The second, and longer, incarnation of the bath house competition brought the demands of an expanded program and a higher level of resolution to the project. Taking a cue from a different level of context, we explored the character and quality of light capable of being produced by offset concrete walls to reinterpret the experience of the passage through a forest into the given vocabulary of concrete block. This entry placed second in this competition.

with Sophie Riedel


As a musician, I have a strong connection with performance spaces of every kind, from the concert hall to the amphitheater. While not exactly a performance space in the same sense, a movie theater nevertheless can address the relationship, and potential connection, between performer and audience. The program provided for this project called for the inclusion of education, presentation, and gallery spaces; this solution creates a form and a circulation system emphasizing the interplay between production and audience.


woodwind quintet

recording below uses sounds from Garritan Personal Orchestra for Finale