Fall Semester 2012

Studio Coordinator Gerard Damiani
Studio Professors Freddie Croce and Julie Kachniasz

The concluding project of first semester architecture design studio, the Cube House project centers about the careful creation of spaces using a limited palette of elements. This solution uses the service core as a pivot about which to rotate the axis of the project away from the road entrance to divide it experientially from the house, garden, and lecture areas.

Final model, from the direction of the lake. The rotated plan allows the beach area to frame a large portion of the lake.

Rendering from the shore side of the home, looking up the steps to the second level.

View of the main pedestrian entry, leading through the lecture area toward the house.

Final model, showign the service core changing the direction of procession through the site.

Final model, showing the angle change during the entry sequence into the site.

Hand-drafted perspective section of the project.

Early process work creating spatial definition using three planes.

3 Planes process work.