Parametric Greenhouse

Fall Semester 2014

Studio Coordinator Josh Bard
Studio Professor Jen Lucchino

Envisioning, designing, and assembling a structure capable of extending the work of an urban farm into the winter months implies a process engaging the functional and immediate demands of the activity of urban farming as well as fundamental tendencies toward variation, and experimentation. In response, this project employs parametric design to provide for the rapid production of hoop house structures tailored to unique site conditions and the preferences of the user. This made it possible to alter design elements rapidly while maintaining all details.

With group members

Will Aldrich,
Kayla Quinn,
Eric Wang,
Yasmeen Almuhanna,
and Liz Dolinar.

The use of Grasshopper with Rhino 3D permits a unique aspect to appear in a design process. By changing such elements as total length, rotation angle, the proportions between the two bays, the separations of the inner and outer structural systems, height, and other componens, the design can be altered extremely significantly. The models shown in this rendering were all produced within the span of ten minutes, where any other method might require hours or days to acheive the same level of resolution.

The group: Will Aldrich, Kayla Quinn, Eric Wang, Nathan Lutz, Yasmeen Almuhanna, and Liz Dolinar.

Side view of the completed project.

Detail of the ground connections

Early study model of layered structural concept.

Early study model exploring folding.