Bath House Project I

Spring Semester 2014

Studio Coordinator Josh Bard
Studio Professor Jen Lucchino

This planter creates an envelope designed to encourage and direct the growth of a Thyme plant across its folded surfaces which leap away from the concrete corner on which it rests. Presenting its small plant with specific areas for expansion, the design of the planter creates a relationship between its own form, the existing base to which it is molded, and, over time and as it grows, to the plant it contains. Regulating the release of air, the input of water and the inlet of sunlight with a clear upper envelope, the planter controls temperature to protect the Thyme plant through the onset of winter; punctures along the bottom of the soil bed allow water to slowly drain following rainfall or watering. Beyond analyzing the context into which the planter was to be placed, a careful study of forms obtained through folding paper resulted in an understanding of certain types of patterns which helped contribute to the overall shape.

View of the planter and plant in context.

Detail of the connections and folding.

View of the planter and plant in context.

Sketch showing cantilevering.

Sketches exploring form.