Ribbon House

Spring Semester 2013

Studio Coordinator Kai Gutschow
Studio Professors Julie Kachniasz and Kent Suhrbier

The row house project demanded an exploration of program, form and context in a far more detailed and comprehensive manner than either of its predecessors. Research on the neighborhood surrounding the site and a rudimentary program provided the underpinnings for this design, which defines and unifies the spaces throughout the home with the use of ribbon-like structures which move through the site, interrupted only by a core containing the necessarily closed rooms in the program. The ribbons act in some cases as ceilings, in other areas as floors or walls; from the outside, the three ribbons reflect the neighborhood rhythm of row houses with three windows.

View of the front elevation, from straight on. The orientations of the ribbons prevent direct lines of sight head on while opening views in other directions.

Secion through the main circluation paths showing the angled stair, light well, and descent to the rear.

Pastel rendering of the view over the second level stair.

Concept sketch looking up the facade to a balcony above.

Final model, view of rear ribbons and terraces.

Rendering of the kitchen area at 11 AM

Rendering of the kitchen area at 6 PM.

Rendering of the kitchen area at night.