March 2014 to June 2014

Cinematek Design | Boston Trip Sketches | Fisher ARChitecture Design Work

A sketchbook is a vital companion to the design process, acting as a record of every inspiration and decision made as the project evolves. In group work, it is a means of expression to clarify and describe design intent far more effectively than a spoken word could ever manage. This sketchbook catalogues the development of the design of the semester final project of a Cinematek in Boston, the exploration of architecture in the city of Boston on the School of Architecture trip to the city, and the first month of work as an intern at Fisher ARCHitecture. Sketches and drawings range from detailed analyses of building components to descriptions of parametric design to color renderings of buildings seen while touring.

Cover Page.

Cinematek | Split theaters and ramp concept.

Cinematek | Left: Perspective view of ramp between theaters
Right: Diagrammatic plans and street perspectives

Cinematek | Right: Street view with illuminated display concept and sectional strategy.

Cinematek | Left: Diagrams of how the theater envelopse might meet the ground
Right: Boston trip lecture notes.

Cinematek | Left: Roof scheme concepts
Right: Theater envelope concepts.

Cinematek | Right: Vierendeel structural scheme.

Boston | Le Corbusier - Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.

Boston | Lower Right: Exeter Library brick detail.

Boston | Left: Exeter library expanding windows
Right: Exeter Library interior concrete elements, deconstructed.

Boston | Left: Exeter Library, main hall
Right: Exeter Library, top floor lighting.

Boston | Top floor balcony perspective and section.

Boston | Left: Exeter Library, Spiral Stair
Right: Renzo Piano Museum stair.

Boston | Library Perspectives

Boston | Left: Courtyard Perspective
Right: Courtyard Plan.

Boston | Left: City sketch
Right: Cinematek section.

Materials & Assembly | Left: Studies on Concrete
Right: Sketch of the lobby at the Boston Airport Hilton.

Materials & Assembly | Left: Studies on Brick
Right: Cinematek theater envelope sections.

Materials & Assembly | Left: Studies on Wood
Right: Cinematek plan diagrams.

Cinematek | Left: Perspective diagramming
Right: Plan Diagrams.

Cinematek | Left: Program separation concept notes and diagrams
Right: Membrane Diagrams.

Cinematek | Program sizing analysis and separation.

Cinematek | Program sizing analysis and separation.

Cinematek | Massing and component concepts.

Cinematek | Left: Concert Hall Sketch.
Right: Floor Detail Sketches conceptually separating performance and production spaces.

Cinematek | Membrane materiality concepts.

Cinematek | Left: Circulation access through envelope
right: Structural frames relating to the theaters.

Cinematek | Sections and Plans.

Cinematek | Details, Plan analysis and ramp layouts.

Cinematek | Left: Ramp perspective
Right: Theater sketches.

Cinematek | Portfolio layout sketches and Ramp details
Ramp sections.

Cinematek | Left: Perspectives
Wall sections.

Cinematek | Left: Reception desk concept
Right: Plan.

Cinematek | Left: Ramp sections
Right: Plan diagrams.

Cinematek | Ramp materiality concepts.

Cinematek | Left: Louvers facade concept detail
Right: Modelbuilding concept.

Cinematek | Left: Plan diagramming
Right: Roof layout concept.

Cinematek | Wall details.

Cinematek | Left: Offset swing doors and Ramp materiality
Right: Plan Tree Sketches.

Cinematek | Final Drawing layout sketches.

Materials & Assembly | Left: Tree plan sketches
Right: Class notes.

Fisher ARCHitecture | Left: cladding concepts
Right: Parametric rainscreen materiality sketches.

Fisher ARCHitecture | Parametric Rainscreen formal concepts.

Fisher ARCHitecture | Parametric Rainscreen forest source imagery concept.
Right: Plan.

Fisher ARCHitecture | Parametric Rainscreen definition concept.

Fisher ARCHitecture | Edgar house details.

Fisher ARCHitecture | Left: Edgar House Meeting Notes
Right: Anamorphic Projection sketches.

Fisher ARCHitecture | As-built preparation notes.