June 2014 to July 2014

Fisher ARChitecture Design Work

A sketchbook is a vital companion to the design process, acting as a record of every inspiration and decision made as the project evolves. In group work, it is a means of expression to clarify and describe design intent far more effectively than a spoken word could ever manage. This sketchbook records the development of work on several projects with Eric Fisher.

Cover Page.

Facade | Site context and general context lines.

Facade | Idea search and formal ideas.

Facade | Form-finding and texturing.

Facade | Left: Detail sketch - Eric Fisher
Right: Form-finding.

Facade | Left: Form-finding and proportions.
Right: Ribbon edge details.

Facade | Left: Ribbon perspective.
Right: Curve analysis.

Facade | Left: Ribbon sketches with Massing initial concept - Eric Fisher.
Right: Ribbons.

Anamorphic Projection | Left: Anamorphic projection model.
Right: Allegheny River House context sketching and facade details.

Facade | Zoning research.

Facade | Zoning Research.

PYSO Europe Trip | Left: Dulles Airport
Right: Facade details.

Facade | Perspectives.

PYSO Europe Trip | Left: Facade sketching
Right: Frankfurt Airport.

PYSO Europe Trip | Left: Diplomat hotel spiral stairs
Right: Prague, from the Old Town Square Clocktower.

Facade | Canopy sections.

Facade | Massing concept sketches.

Facade | Left: Canopy section
Right: Surface scheme perspective.

Facade | Left: Canopy sketches.

Facade | Screen details.

Facade | Facade Diagrams.

Facade | Facade Sketches.

Facade | Sun Diagramming.

Facade | First design meeting - notes.

Facade | Massing concepts.

Facade | Massing transition design.

Facade | Left: Thin elements on canopy mass
right: Plan diagramming.

Facade | Interior design.

Facade | Curtain curve analysis.

Facade | Interior Sketches.

Facade | Inside - to - outside connections.

Facade | Desk details.

Facade | Interior facade element sketches.

Facade | Left: Table.
Right: Interior curves.

Cinematek | Ramp materiality concepts.

Facade | Transition details.

Facade | Interior Elements.

Facade | Cabinetry.

Facade | Desk.

Facade | Angles iterations.

Facade | Canopy angles.

Facade | Angle corner details.

Facade | Angles massing.

Facade | Facade mass iterations.

Facade | Facade fold iterations and sidewalk pattern concept.

Facade | Surface breakdown and sidewalk pattern iterations.